Subject: Here we go.
Posted on: 2020-05-18 12:17:02 UTC

The missing space between paragraphs:

She stopped in the act of pulling off a sock. ‘You’re a ghost, for goodness’ sake!’ ‘Yeah, and what have I done? It’s not like I’ve inflicted an unbreakable curse upon you and your response centre!’

The faint blue highlight starts in this paragraph and continues to the end of the document:

She found Ghost outside the door of RC #9L0121F4114C3, blowing into the semi-transparent kazoo as loudly as he could, making some of the most obnoxious sounds ever known to the universe. And that was coming from someone who used to attend high school.

Specifically, it starts with "RC #9L0121F4114C3", which is why I figured it happened because the number had been copied in from somewhere (which, I don't blame you, that's...quite something to type out!) If you can't see it, try tilting your screen back--if I tilt mine forward enough, it's invisible, but if I leave it at my normal angle or tilted farther back, it's much more obvious.


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