Subject: An apology, and digging into the darkness of old document folders.
Posted on: 2020-06-16 11:06:06 UTC

So. I haven’t been spending anywhere near as much time here as I’d like. I haven’t been reviewing or even reading new missions, never mind finally publishing that completed interlude that’s been sitting in my document folder for months.

I’ll try to do better than that, and engage more in future, though I can’t promise anything.

Although document folders are part of what convinced me to make this post: a couple of days ago, I got a new laptop. This meant I had the task of copying all my old Word documents (and believe me, there are a lot of them...) and sorting through them to find the important ones.

In the course of this, I found a vast variety of stories, ranging from the utterly cringeworthy oh-god-I’m-deleting-this-straight-away to the “this is actually quite good, it’s a shame I don’t like the idea as much as I did back when I wrote it”, and more or less everything in between.

One particular highlight was the time I used “Flareon” as the name of a fire spirit despite having only the vaguest idea what Pokemon was and never having played any of the games as of when I wrote that.

I’ll see if I can fish out some juicy quotes for you all to enjoy and cringe at. In the meantime - what skeletons do you have lurking at the back of your old files? Is there anything that intrigues you, or anything you just want to laugh at?

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