Subject: Horrifically urple prose
Posted on: 2020-06-16 11:08:59 UTC

So... the below is the entirety of a document entitled "Descriptions". (Edit: with formatting messed up. There were originally paragraph breaks, not that that's much of a mercy.)

The sky was a deep, dark, beautiful shade of blue. Clouds stretched across, twisted into feathery, light shapes, from pure white to dark grey with almost a hint of pink. The sun was beginning to set, the deep blue fading to orange-pink-red of the ebbing light and the pink in the grey clouds becoming ever more apparent. The sun sank ever deeper and darkness began to fall over the beautiful landscape. Shadows lengthened and became grey dark pools of nothingness. The clouds scattered, driven away by the howling pack of sheep-dogs that raced through the sky as wind. The moon rose, full and bright and glimmering. One by one, the stars began to sparkle in that magical way. Here there were no lights, no artificial suns to break the spell. The darkness was pure and absolute. Nothing could be seen save the glittering moon and stars in the black ceiling above. An owl called, spooky and loud in the moonlight. The wind-dogs howled once more, now sounding like wolves preparing for the hunt. The silence resumed its reign over the place which was filled with noise in daylight. That was how it worked – daylight meant noise; darkness, silence. So the night continued slowly on towards the dawn and the return of daylight and noise.

...I have Bleeprin, if anyone needs it after that monstrosity?

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