Subject: I still recall my first ever novel.
Posted on: 2020-06-17 19:47:06 UTC

I wrote it at age 9 in a simple school notebook and it was a grand total of 35 pages, but boy, what a 35 pages that was. It was about, quote, the three most beautiful girls in school, and an expy of the boy who was my crush at the time, but of course it all took place in American high school. It had jealousy, melodrama, a Big Dramatic Second Act Breakup, the phrase "big beautiful eyes", two separate murder attempts, a jealous ex who commits one of those, her ending up with the other creepy admirer/almost murderer, shoe theft as a way to invite someone on a date (don't even ask), my heroine being all tough by slapping a guy harassing a woman in a cafe (just a reminder: high schooler - actually, more like middle schooler), a soccer match that somehow ended with a 13:9 final score, clocks drawn on the margins to signify the passage of time, the third-person omniscient narrator admitting at the end that she's actually the heroine talking about herself for some reason, and such delightful lines as "They betrayed me! They know that ruining someone's day qualifies as betrayal!"

Thirty-five. Pages.

I recall finding it behind an old wardrobe when I was about 17 and cringe-laughing my way through the entire masterpiece, then immediately copying it all to my laptop. A good friend of mine in high school once brought over his own incredibly embarrassing childhood attempt at a novel, and a third guy made a dramatic reading of both of our stories - we were both in tears by the end. I'd love to do that again, but... Hungarian. Perhaps if anyone wants to see it, I can try to translate?

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