Subject: New mini type proposal
Posted on: 2020-07-10 15:25:27 UTC

So, I'm currently writing my first mission in the Rescue Bots continuum, which happens on the same timeline as Prime (if we really want to get technical, the mission is on a fic that has a Sue who goes to the Rescue Bots some time after helping Team Prime out, although said helping is only mentioned in passing.) There is no official mini for Prime or Rescue Bots.

My proposal: Make the mini type for at least Prime-verse and Rescue Bots mini-Vehicons. Vehicons are the (somewhat) mindless minions of Megatron in Prime. Since they are Cybertronians, they can transform into cars, jets, helicopters, or tanks. Since they are (canonically) controlled by Megatron, they are enemies to the protagonists (the Autobots). They are unique to Transformers (the design I'm basing them off of is unique to Prime). In canon, they talk when it's funny to do so.

Vehicon page at TFwiki (may contain spoilers for Prime)

Thanks to Mattman for helping me figure out a mini type.

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