Subject: I think you're right, Meta
Posted on: 2020-07-12 01:22:44 UTC

I was mostly thinking of having mini-Vehicons for the Aligned community at most (which includes Prime, Rescue Bots, Rescue Bots Academy, Robots in Disguise (2016), and maybe one other). However, RID 2016's mini is up to the first person who missions in that universe. Since Rescue Bots is so intertwined with Prime (especially with some of those Sues. Those who defeat the 'Cons and are on Team Prime and then are sent to Griffin Rock...), I think I could safely say that minis from Prime should be mini-Vehicons, especially with the Sue mentioning Team Prime and being pretty in depth about it (also, Starscream arrives later to fight the Sue, so could be considered a Prime and Rescue Bots crossover). Rescue Bots Academy is essentially Rescue Bots but for preschoolers (Rescue Bots was marketed toward kindergartners and elementary school kids).

Either way, I got it in my plans to claim a Prime badfic and an Academy badfic (both of which have spelling errors of people Cybertronians).

But I believe you're right, Meta. I don't recall Vehicons being before Beast Wars. Maybe use your suggestion of mini-Seekers, if you were to do a mission in G1 through Beast Wars.

(Edit: Why did I explain all of that? Aligned community is Aligned community; they exist on the same timeline.)

-Kittyauthor, who doesn't want to complicate things but might have already.

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