Subject: New Mission!
Posted on: 2020-07-22 03:15:33 UTC

While my health hasn't really improved, I am still able to write (somewhat). I've somehow managed to write enough to finish a mission, targeting a fic I've known and hated for over a decade . Be warned that the fic is NSFW and NSFB, containing rape, incest, and pedophilia. I think it would appropriate to add a mention to the wiki's Bleepfic article about this fic now that it has been killed. It's that bad. The fic in question set Tellius Ablaze with "The Fires of Sibling Love". A big thanks to GeniusGamer for beta reading this. I'd also like to thank Google Docs for catching a lot of typos before the fic even made it to a beta, and for showing me typos I missed in sections I was quoting.

If you're feeling brave, you can still find the fic on The Pit, but note that this mission is just the tip of the yikesberg. This fic has been described as an "actual abomination", and has a fair bit of renown within the fandom due it being awful and horrifying. Much like the last mission, there was more badfic that I wanted to cover in the mission, but I didn't really have room for it. Nor did I have the tolerance for another chapter of garbage, even though it would have been a good opportunity to expand on one of my agent's backstories. The fic is honestly difficult to read, especially so as a woman.

Despite all of that, writing this mission was honestly therapeutic. As I mentioned when posting my first mission, I have PTSD, and some of the things in the fic happened to me. Being able to skewer awful writing containing the same bad things honestly helped me. I apologize if it comes across too much as heroes saving the day.

But mostly, I'm just glad to be done. I haven't finished any writing I've started in a while, so having something ready to show is nice. It also means I can go on to missioning another absolutely awful fic, maybe after writing an interlude.

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