Subject: I want permission, but aren't too keen on having to read the entire original series
Posted on: 2020-07-29 03:02:08 UTC

It's nothing personal, it's just I don't like the idea of reading stories that involve fanfics of works I don't take in (like if an original episode involves Twin Peaks for instance, 'cause I don't watch that).

Also, I looked at a few of the original chapter summaries, and a lot involve Legolas, who is my least-favourite LoTR character due to me not finding him very interesting, finding elves in general a bit too OP, and being a bit squicked out by him because he's someone fangirls are gross about without having many interesting traits to make up for it. (e.g. People are gross about Seven of Nine too, but she's interesting enough for me to not start being grossed out by her because of that.)

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