Subject: Behold...
Posted on: 2020-07-30 10:08:06 UTC

...the wiki page!

Reading a lot on the wiki and as wide a variety of other missions as possible (including older ones, and by that I mean from the early 2000s as well as just 2014 or something, which is admittedly now six years ago) might help with gaining that understanding of the setting, including the early setting, that we're looking for, by the way. And I do understand not wanting to read missions into canons you don't know, but if you can stomach it it would probably be a good idea to at least skim TOS, or read the ones where Legolas isn't a focus/isn't present, given that it's what started this whole thing (which is a main reason why reading it is so prevalent here).

~Z, hopefully not editing into confusion. Also, how was 2014 six years ago. In two and a half years, I'll have been a Boarder for ten. What is this. Someone please explain. Ack.

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