Subject: Hello!
Posted on: 2020-09-14 23:58:31 UTC

Ah, hi! My name is ShriekingOrneryShrike, due to a joke about birds my friend made. I also answer to Shrieking, Shrike, Ornery, or SOS ("hey you" and similar also works).

I used to lurk on the board a lot as a kid before I got sidetracked or lost interest or whatever happened, but I recently ran across a badfic in my never-ending hunt for more content and immediately thought of you guys. So now I'm back, as a semi-functional mostly-adult, and hopefully I'll actually interact with y'all this time!

My usual fandoms are Star Wars (esp. the clone wars era), Warrior Cats, The Hobbit, Dragon Age, and Ranger's Apprentice/Brotherband Chronicles. Occasionally I'll dip into Narnia, Mass Effect, or Flight Rising if I find something that really strikes my fancy. Other interests include Norse mythology (I just think they're neat), drawing, video games, bad jokes, and writing original fic.

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