Subject: Tabletop
Posted on: 2020-09-15 05:42:34 UTC

Oh, nice! I'm Water Flight myself.

I do like tabletop games! For a while there I was four a week, but then one shut down, so now it's just the three. I like 5e well enough, but D&D has always been a little crunchy for my taste (although it can still be quite fun). I've always preferred what I like to call "d6 systems" - things like Tremulus, Demigods, Monster of the Week, or Band of Blades, where the mechanics are streamlined towards a specific narrative.

Right now I have a DnD game going, a Tremulus campaign, and a Band of Blades campaign - the latter two with roughly the same group, actually. Three days a week is plenty as it turns out. (I used to dress up for the sessions, but now they're all over Discord so I don't :( Camera shy and all that.)

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