Subject: Only really signed up for this one specific question
Posted on: 2020-10-09 18:56:32 UTC

Hi, I'm a writer from a completely different writing collective (a Riverdale-based one where everyone has superpowers) and I only signed up to ask a few questions relating to a character in my verse's powers. My character is a 'Riverdale' version of Raj Patel from the 2000s Archie Comics. That's not the relevant part. The relevant part is that one of his two powers is that he can hop between any canon possible, even going into 'quarantined' canons and canons that 'require permission' to enter. He often goes into fanfiction canons stealing Sue and Stu weapons to help him in his travels, and occasionally weapons from goodfics if they are powerful enough. Could he logically go into the PPC canon to take a weapon from there, because his other power is complete indetectability from anyone who isn't omnipotent? Do I require permission to do this? And would they be caught off-guard because Raj is from a formerly quarantined canon, aka Riverdale? Thanks in advance - Ferrethead Edit for extra clarification: Mostly, the intention of this short scene is an 'Only 90s kids remember'-style scene, as it is only meant to be a few paragraphs long, and it's just a "Remember the PPC?"-style thing (I'm astounded it's still a thing, I remember it from my childhood!) but I do understand if you are uncomfortable with any meta intrusions

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