Subject: I would say that's okay.
Posted on: 2020-10-09 20:44:06 UTC

I mean, we of all people can hardly get snippy about people writing fanfic of our stuff...! From an Official Permission perspective, it wouldn't necessarily be canon to the PPC (because it's fanfic), but we'd probably adopt it as Really Happening, because we're like that. ;)

PPC HQ has... some sort of shields to prevent incursions, I can't remember what exactly. But they're not exactly reliable, and there's exterior doors anyway, so Raj could just walk in if he wanted. (They've got a hidden city down near New Zealand if you want a specific way in.) Most weapons would be in the Armoury, or maybe in DoSAT - that's the technology department. Or you could just sneak into any random Response Centre and probably find a Suvian weapon kept as a trophy.

I think we're pretty low on omniscient/omnipotent characters. The Flowers who are in charge are telepaths, so that might be a concern. There's a powerful AI in the networks, but even if it spotted Raj it wouldn't say anything. The only people who might count as omnipotent enough are these three, who are, uh, goddesses. They're not around much though. (I can add more detail if you want to cameo one of them.)

As to the formerly-quarantined question: it would probably mean that if an agent pointed an Analysis Device ("CAD") at Raj, it wouldn't be able to identify his continuum. But those things break all the time anyway...!


(The PPC will always be around. ^_~)

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