Subject: The PPC of the early years is very different to now.
Posted on: 2020-10-10 09:21:39 UTC

Like, we have a Buzzfeed now! That's cool. And a bunch of Time Lords who mostly bicker. And there's the adventures of the janitorial department. Sometimes also everyone is gods. A lot of the Classic Era agents have retired or have kids now. Hell, some of the New Era agents have kids now! There's a German-accented pufferfish playing a sousaphone and everyone just kinda goes with it! My point is, the PPC was always a weird, weird place, but now there's a lot more of it -- and therefore, a lot less chance of your man Raj being discovered. Honestly he'd probably get given what he wanted, as long as it was man-portable. In exchange for something, obviously. Like, I dunno, booze or tech or... well, it's DoSAT, half a packet of wine gums and some belly button fluff'd probably work. =]

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