Subject: Huh.
Posted on: 2020-11-18 15:53:45 UTC

Y'know, I was thinking about the various attempts over the years to make a DroP movie, or TV series, or whatever. It occurs to me that what they should absolutely not do is try to center on the Ninth Pass. There's so much history that isn't already occupied with stories! The smart thing would be to do what Todd McCaffrey did and choose a different era to play in. A lot of trouble could be avoided that way.

Or, actually, I think Moreta's Ride would make a great film. It's self-contained. There's intrigue, drama, a ticking clock, plenty of action for the third act... it would work.

I'd say "let's explore the future," too, except that would require either coming up with a new adversary to pit against the dragonriders or doing what the fanbase has done a million times before and contriving a way for Thread to return. Either runs a high risk of coming off as an ill-thought out excuse to cash in.

Moreta, though—Moreta would be timely, too. A kick-ass lady hero saving the world from a deadly plague. We need this. Hollywood, get on this immediately!


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