Subject: The Eighth Pass could be an interesting setting for storytelling.
Posted on: 2020-11-19 04:16:23 UTC

Because that's when the Oldtimers come from. I don't know how many of the ones Lessa brings forward would have been active at the beginning of the Pass, but heck, pick whatever point during those fifty years at which T'ron and that lot are the rising stars. Show them becoming the heroes of their time, because for all their flaws (and show those, too), they were heroes in their own time. Done right, it would let us see their inability to integrate and their sharp decline 400 years later for the tragedy it was.

That could also be very relevant. Times change. Old ways get left behind when they no longer serve. It can be hard to let go, and the sense of loss and uncertainty deserves our sympathy—but letting fear of what is new and different overrule you, trying to hold the world back from necessary progress, and selfishly hoarding privileges you had under the old ways, isn't right. At best, you lose your dignity; at worst, you become a villain.

... So my guess would be that the game is set in the Seventh Pass, then. Either way, shame it doesn't play well enough to make good on it.


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