Subject: The issue with exploring the past...
Posted on: 2020-11-19 17:00:55 UTC

... is that every time Pern does it, it ends up dragging in all the stuff from the present as well.

The Ninth Pass stories established very firmly that such things as timing it, fire lizards, and the Southern Continent were effectively unknown prior to the Pass. But is there a single past period which doesn't wind up pulling in at least two of those? By my count, Anne explored the First, Second, Sixth, and Ninth Passes, while Todd focussed on the Third. Add in this game in the Seventh - and yes, the wiki confirms it includes all three - and it's starting to sound like AIVAS woke up in the Eighth Pass and implemented a mass mind-wipe on the population of the planet!

Mind you, I reckon "Oldtimers" would be a great entry in the Pern Cinematic Universe. But if you did it first, the audience would be annoyed that nobody they actually like from the books showed up; while if you did it later, you'd have to find something useful to do with it rather than just writing a movie/series-length flashback.

... okay, now I'm imagining a PCU done in the same manner as the MCU - just tearing apart the original stories and scavenging them for parts. O'course, the reaction to the Discworld "Watch" series suggests that might be a losing gamble when it comes to book fandoms.


Okay so what you do is combine the Third and Ninth Passes.

  1. Dragonriders of Pern - The dragon-centric bits of Masterharper

  2. Masterharper - Politicking with Robinton and the rise of Fax

  3. Untitled Crom Film - Kindan and Nuella (blind protagonist for the win!) mucking about in Crom, with industrialisation and Whers.

  4. Lord of Seven Holds - Fax, down to his abrupt death.

  5. Weyrwoman - Lessa and Ramoth grow into their power, probably including the time travel shenanigans with F'nor.

  6. Untitled Harper Film - Kindan at Harper Hall, but also Fandarel doing technological stuff with the Crom lot.

  7. Fall - Crash it all together, doing the Hold rebellion and the first Fall, F'lar's desperation - and end with Lessa going off on her suicide mission.

  8. Oldtimers - 2/3 of a film about the end of the Eighth Pass, and then Lessa appears and drags them all away for:

  9. Dragonflight - Pure dragon movie set at the start of the Pass, focussing on the Oldtimers' rebellion and its consequences. Jaxom, Southern, all of it.

The flashback movie conceit means we can drop in the Third Pass plague (with Moreta flashback - stuff Windblossom, Moreta gets the time-speaking healer gig), the Harper Hall trilogy (I admit I can't think of a plot-relevant Red Star Rising/Dragonseye flashback point), and of course AIVAS (Dragonsdawn flashback) across the next couple of phases. You end with the climax of All the Weyrs of Pern, because a) who cares about dolphins and trundlebugs, and b) who wants to watch a Pern series after Robinton died?

My read of the "The Watch" conversation - and the Star Wars EU dump - is that people are quite forgiving of changing the storyline, so long as you get the characters right. So I think this stands a chance! ^^ ^^ ^_^


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