Subject: So, odd question: who's free New Year's Eve GMT?
Posted on: 2020-12-27 23:28:47 UTC

One of the joys I have in my offline life is group folk singing, and it's one that 2020 has took from me like a Saint-Malin corsaire. I miss group singing like a red kite misses the blue sky, and I want to keep going with it. I want to combine that passion with my passion for this community, and I'd love to put together an impromptu folk group to sing some songs in the PPC Discord.

I care about this community, and I'd like to give back the best way I can; through song and through rhyme.

I'll be ready to meet people all the time to talk about this, pretty much. I want to make this work and I want to make this something for the community to be proud of. So, y'know... signups below I guess. Bring a voice and bring a reel to sing. I love to sing, and I want the PPC to love to hear.

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