Subject: This unfortunately wouldn't have worked out for me, and this isn't me singing, but...
Posted on: 2020-12-31 23:17:19 UTC

(Oh, wow, that subject line allowance is long.)

Anyway: here's the first of a couple of folk songs I like all the same!

Maybe it's not a group sing (and I do hope you feel better soon!), but I believe it's still 2020 in your time zone, so I am, in fact, going to battle my internet connection to get you at least a bit of the flavor of the attempted cool thing.

"Santy Anno", sung by Odetta: One of the first I remember hearing, and in this exact recording, too!

~Z, who would probably be having an easier time of it recording herself, since, uh, most of the folk songs I know I didn't learn from recordings

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