Subject: Since you mentioned "Ring Child"...
Posted on: 2021-02-14 15:16:48 UTC

If that's my funniest mission, then the credit belongs to Tungsten Monk, not me. She's the comic genius of the two of us. {= )

And if my other missions are funny, it's because I've worked really hard at it.

See, I'm not a natural at comedic writing. My brain doesn't come up with funny stuff on the fly. I recognize humor, so I can tell when a badfic is ripe for sporking, but I gotta study each bit and really think about how to draw out the inherent absurdity so it's clearly visible to others. The rest is pretty much just sarcasm and irony. As a result, I think my humor is drier and more cerebral (note: I don't mean smarter/better; more like less intuitive/accessible) than other people's.

But not being a natural and having a different style clearly hasn't stopped me from being a PPC writer. It shouldn't stop you or anyone else, either. It's just a matter of taking the tools you have and making them work for you. {= )

And I've enjoyed your writing and your other sporking so far, even with the squicky subject material. I think you've handled it well, such that it's not a glorification of squick for squick's sake (which has sometimes been an issue in the PPC's history). I said something to hS recently along the lines that, if we're a kinder, gentler PPC than we were in the past, then it makes sense for people's overly perfect personal fantasies to be less acceptable targets, and as a result, for us to take aim at more things that are objectively horrible. I don't think that's a bad thing.

Not to say I don't think we should spork Sues, or that you shouldn't change up your spin-off if it's not fun for you anymore the way it is. The PPC should always be fun. {= D


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