Subject: It is very obvious on the Discord. Which is itself the problem.
Posted on: 2021-02-19 19:06:59 UTC

The "landing zone" for the Discord - the place where you go when you first join the server - has the complete list of blacklisted topics in a numbered order that is clearly visible. I guess nobody really thought to update the Wiki with those blacklisted topics. I feel I should also mention that the topics themselves are not forbidden from discussion; rather, Discord users are obliged to put them in spoiler tags and tag them with a content warning, usually something along the lines of BL1.

For reference, the list is as follows:-

  1. Suicide

  2. References to people or animals being food and/or preyed upon, as well as food being presented in the shape of people or animals, or being self-aware

  3. Body horror

  4. Eyes being hurt

  5. Stuffed animals being destroyed

  6. Incest

  7. Forced dunking

  8. Apocalyptic thinking and plausible catastrophes

  9. Needles

  10. Destructive fires, immolation, burn injuries

  11. Grooming of the abusive variety

  12. Child abuse, kidnapping, or abandonment

Some specific topics have NSF[boarder] tags as well, generally related to the blacklists. For example, NSF4M - not safe for FourMoonsWatching - refers to blacklist 2, and could also be (and generally is) tagged as BL2. Their meanings are roughly equivalent, and in many cases predate the adoption of the numbered blacklist or the subject matter being added to it.

I hope this was helpful and useful.

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