Subject: (Reply + question about Board names and fic archives)
Posted on: 2021-02-23 15:39:48 UTC

I had a friend once who said that "[verb]ing the [animal]" can /always/ be a euphemism, and that's not wrong. (I believe the example was 'waxing the dolphin'.) I guess the real trick is finding the ones that sound sexy... except that I get the impression the more smut you read, the less /anything/ sounds sexy.

Which really indicates that blow-by-blow (-_-) physical descriptions aren't the best way to write it? Maybe? I dunno, but the Shipfest is coming up, so soon there will be many examples...

SPEAKING OF the Shipfest, I've been archiving (it's a lot easier than Badfic Game archiving), and I've run into a problem: people keep changing their names.

For the Badfic Game user pages, which have names hidden in the code, I'm happy to change them. For shipfics, I'm happy to leave them. That means I need to leave them in the actual ship descriptions, too. Fine.

But what about shipfic authors? On the one hand, some people have deep reasons for changing their usernames, plus you want to be able to see what someone you know now has written. On the other hand, that route leads to Neshomeh and Phobos co-writing stories about Neshomeh and Barid, which causes a bit of a disconnect.

I think the most elegant solution is to attribute to 'Phobos (Barid)'? Even if it is a bit clutter-y. Of course, then I realise I don't necessarily remember every name-change... :-/


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