Subject: Characters first.
Posted on: 2021-02-23 16:19:52 UTC

As far as I can tell, the way to write a sex scene well is the same way you write anything well, which means it should arise (shush) naturally from the events of the story and the personalities of the characters. The audience should believe this would actually happen before it does, and then what you can get away with vocab-wise depends on whether the POV character(s) would actually think in the terms you use. For instance, you shouldn't believe for one second that Gall would say anything so coy as "member" or "manhood" or whatever. She's gonna use the four-letter words. Derik, on the other hand, would use more polite terms, and might even verge on the flowery at times, because that's how he normally talks. If* I wrote a scene between them, it would look very different depending on whose POV I used... but it would (hopefully) work either way.

But then, I'm talking about stories where the goal is telling a good story that happens to contain sex, not making something expressly for people to get off to. Those are different animals, and I cannot speak to the latter. /shrug/

Re. the archive question: It seems like the sort of thing to take on a case by case basis. In our case, I'd say change the name to Phobos across the board, but put an editorial comment somewhere to the effect that it was Barid until X year? It's more important to signify the correct person than to adhere to the original text, IMO.


* I have actually done this. I'm just not sure I'm going to publish it. >.> Not till the spinoff gets to that point, anyway.

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