Subject: More on descriptions (again: I have Opinions)
Posted on: 2021-02-24 18:33:43 UTC

Sadly the beige, while decidedly unattractive, isn't the worst you can get. Disgustingly purple and baffling metaphors are even more confusing and drag readers out of the experience.

Oh, also words. Words are important. The things people say and why they say them are good tools in your toolchest, even when physical action is taking place. If you're going more... out there, figure out what your characters want from the experience as well, because that will shape how you write it (and no, 50 Shades, "I'm a damaged human being who is awful" is not the basis for anything safe, sane, or consensual). People don't do more extreme acts or the like Just Because™. Or, well, they might, but there's a reason they chose to do the thing they're doing, and why that thing appeals to them.

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