Subject: Well, this was unexpected!
Posted on: 2021-03-31 21:23:01 UTC

Hello fellow, er, we seem to be called Boarders? Hello fellow Boarders! I'm a long-time fan of the PPC who somehow never managed to stumble across the actual Board before, but today I was clicking around bored while I waited for my partner, er, at work, we work a very normal, boring job, honestly, and, well, suddenly here I was! A big surprise.

I'm very well versed in Doctor Who (well, I'm currently a little bit behind, but don't tell...well, anyone, certainly no one in particular, but just--keep that to yourselves, or Certain People will never let me forget it and there will be paperwork. Er, I mean, because I'll be forced into a viewing party which will leave me with a load of paperwork to do because I've neglected it for the I'm also pretty into, er, Star Trek, and in keeping with that star theme, I've seen and enjoyed a number of Starkid shows as well. And don't worry, I've already read the, ah, Original Series and all that! Very interesting. Extremely similar to what I remember reading when I first joined--er, discovered the PPC. Discovered it. Hey, quick question, does this primitive speech to text function erase lines? Backspace. Delete. Delete. Delete, you bloody thing--

Haha, anyway, setting aside what probably looks like a detour into Cyberman impersonation, nice to meet you all! Do tell me all about yourselves--I'm very new here, for all I've known about the PPC for, er, I think it's just about eight years now. Tell me everything there is to know about being a Boarder!


Turn off. End. End. Oh, for the love of Rassilon in butter-filled jam sandals--

((That moment when you suddenly realize it's about to be April 1st, which means not only April but April Fool's Day, and more or less on the spot decide, well, why not have this year's prank/silly thing be, quite simply, the premise of 'agent(s) find(s) the Board and decides to investigate this obvious weird possible security breach by sneakily(ish) gathering information'? So here, have the Reader! Her screen name comes from her name, Xandrialdimansiumar (Xandria's also used as a nickname for her occasionally), and then Gard from the Guardsman, whom she's pretty close to.

Featuring: possibly the TARDIS in a Mood, and a Rassilon insult courtesy of the butter and jam I've been using as spreads for a snack just now. Also inspired partly by the fact that I went looking and I think my silly thing last year was letting Deadpool run wild on the Board.

Anyway. Feel free to respond as Boarders or in character as other undercover agents! Could be fun :)

~Z, probably posting a little early but it's April 1st in part of the world already, so let's gooooooo!))

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