Subject: Newbie! *glomp* *poke*
Posted on: 2021-04-01 03:11:02 UTC

Welcome to the PPC! May I present you with a freshly-made plate of SPaGhetti?

If you like Doctor Who, I feel obligated to point you in the direction of Zingenmir's works; she writes for a Time Lord agent who has a very similar name to your screenname (unless you chose it deliberately? Haha.) Scapegrace has some hilarious stuff as well, featuring the Notary (aaaall the paperwork) and Wobbles, as well as one pink pointy fish that likes to play comically large brass instruments at odd hours.

I've been with the PPC over seven years now (seven?? Where did time go??) and although I've fallen off writing missions as of late, I still fully intend to torture send my agents into the field again at some point in the future, hopefully soon. I'd recommend starting with other stuff first, though, especially Neshomeh's works; mine tends to be an outlier for the PPC's tone.

Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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