Subject: Ah, I found the thing!
Posted on: 2021-05-26 18:01:47 UTC

Wayback Machine link

This is the passage:

This went on despite a valiant attempt at remaining stubbornly sceptical, and despite Jacob half-dragging him along after he spotted a familiar face - namely that of Jennifer Robinson, a FicPsych nurse he'd run into now and then while visiting the department - getting quite "friendly" with a blonde, female Assassin who seemed to have had a few drinks too many. Another agent - a larger Samoan man, possibly the blonde's partner - was stepping in to break them up by the time Brian actually noticed them, but his fellow officer didn't let him go until the trio was well out of view.

Set July 2010.

I wonder if Lee just up and snogged her with little to no warning. Jenni wouldn't mind a drunk person hitting on her if they were doing it nicely enough, but she also wouldn't take advantage of them.

... And then I remembered that Board archives exist, and good grief, this was my fault. {X D I guess Jenni was indulging in something with a non-zero alcohol content, Lee was indulging in mint, and both of their restraint just went poof in the face of mutual friendliness? ^_^;

~Neshomeh is very on board with character-building outside of missions these days!

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