Subject: Mood-kin! *high-five*
Posted on: 2021-05-26 23:15:03 UTC

Re. timeline, I'm looking at July 2010, since that's when that story is set. For Jenni, that happens to fall right smack in between when she adopted her son Henry and when she started dating Agent Possibly triggering word (Diocletian's partner) in an open capacity. On my end, it would be entirely plausible if she and Lee just had that one moment and nothing came of it, or if they tried something for a little while and called it off when their lives went different directions, or even if they still casually get together sometimes.

In the present, Jenni is heavily involved with Jacques Bonnefoy (and there's a whole series in the works with them, the latest bit of which is currently a visible plug!), but since their idea of what constitutes a serious relationship is quite flexible, that is no object. {= )

So yeah, whatever works!


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