Subject: I can dig it. {= )
Posted on: 2021-05-26 22:18:39 UTC

Personally, I started out as a very ace teenager who was annoyed by all the tedious romance in fanfic, and I've settled as a gray-ace adult who likes exploring relationships and sexuality in fiction. (Though, I've recently begun to wonder if my teenage objection to, e.g., LotR slash wasn't always partly due to it occupying a place in my head similar to thinking about my parents having sex, because that's fine and all, but I'd still rather not think about those people that way! ^_^; )


Jenni was more or less always conceived as pansexual, but my ability to actually write that was non-existent for a long time. I got to the point of being comfortable writing her in het contexts first, and I'm earnestly open to writing her in non-het contexts. The scales need balancing. Also, she would be flattered to be the object of competence-and-intelligence-xuality. {= )

... I kind of picture Jenni also going "yes, Lee, you're very pretty, but you're drunk at the moment—and I think I might be a little bit, too, haha," and then when Ian's back is turned suddenly there's kissing and nobody is quite sure exactly how it started. Cue Ian coming back and breaking it up, and then the awkward apology commences. "Oh, shells. I'm sorry, I wasn't going to do that! But don't think I don't like you, it's just not the time, and I know better. But you are nice, though. Email me? You don't have to. Sorry. I think maybe this is one of those extra-hard fanon butterbeers... Oh, water. Thanks! You're nice, too."


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