Subject: Not a PG but...
Posted on: 2021-06-18 12:08:28 UTC

While it has been very clear that you've been excited about the PPC given the posts that you have made, and it is good to see someone trying to jump into the PPC 'verse. I think that perhaps you need to slow down a little bit and spend a bit more time interacting with the whole PPC community before going for Permission. I know that you joined the Discord two months ago yesterday, and while I'm not massively active on the Discord, I do lurk and your name is not one that comes to mind when I look at what's been said since I was last on. Similarly with your posts on the Board, since you introduced yourself just over a month ago, a lot of them are threads that you're creating that have had relatively minimal interaction from those in the community and you've had little interaction with the community outside of those posts.

Like I said, I'm not a PG, I don't have any power over this and (due to the fact it's my lunchtime when I'm typing this) I haven't looked over your actual Permission Request yet to give you any feedback on that. But I would suggest slowing down and interacting with the community more, let us get the chance to know you better and so that you can get to know the community as a whole better.


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