Subject: Thanks for the input, this was helpful.
Posted on: 2021-06-18 21:01:30 UTC

Deirdre is probably not powerful enough to start throwing fireballs, more like being able to start a campfire without matches or be able to warm herself and her partner up a bit if it's cold. She's not some sort of crazy sorcerer who can do everything with fire. The humans on Deneb V got their by some sort of spaceship, which crashed on Deneb V. The humans stayed there for a very long time, because Deneb V is very far away from Terra. The magic was discovered by a combination of messing around and the people reading old tales of times on Terra when there was magic. The people on Deneb V had some of Tolkien's books, so that is why Deirdre's lust object is Aragorn.

The reason why Rebecca is so young is because she is pretty much me, but with a different name. I'm 15, and I don't really know how to write a character who is pretty much myself, but older. Its partly because I don't know where I will be in a few years, and because I don't want to try predict the future and guess wrong and end up having Rebecca be really hard to write because she is vastly different from me. For me, it's easier to have a character who is essentially me so that I can know what to do with her without having to spend lots of time thinking about it.

I have done some editing to my Permission Request based on your comments. I reformatted it based on the speech. I hope it's easier to read. I'm glad you're helping me with this, because it will means the Permission Givers see less of my mistakes. Thanks for the criticism. Is this version better?

About the badfic: I was going to choose another one, but it was really long, (about 140,000 words) and I felt like I didn't really want to dedicate that much time for my first mission. I have other things going on this summer, such as travel, and I do not have the patience of an elephant. Also, I'm changing my agents assignment to the Department of Floaters so I can do this as a mission when there isn't a Sue in it. Also, I'm not really sure where I want my agents to be. The only thing I realy know is that I don't want them to be in the Department of Bad Slash.

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