Subject: Original books by PPC authors
Posted on: 2021-07-20 01:17:09 UTC

Hello, all! Very long time no see, but Saphie alerted me there was a reunion (months ago), and I had an announcement to make.

See, Kindle has a new web novel platform, and my brain decided it just HAD to write a PPCish story: two tough female agents who fight invading genre tropes. Specifically, they work Horror. The story's called “Surviving in Horror," and the standalone full first assignment plus report (aka the first three episodes) are FREE. You can see them here:

But I’m not actually just here to advertise. See, for years, I’ve owned Catherine Butzen’s Thief of Midnight. She’s a PPC agent, and the book is also about a secret agency, although in their case it battles supernatural creatures. It’s very good:

So now I want to know: has anyone else written one of these? Or could you share your other original fiction? Because I’d like to buy and read it. I want to support members of this community. Y'all made me a much better writer. Besides, you're awesome.

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