Subject: Hi Leto!
Posted on: 2021-10-11 21:16:02 UTC

It's really good to see you! The General Store is one of the earliest spinoff I remember reading, and I...

... ah.

I maaaay need to apologise to you, because I borrowed Leto the proprietor for a bit last year. wrote a piece for me in the Guide to New Caledonia (it's the one called 'Stop Giving Them Your Money: Shopping in New Cal (is a bad idea)'. I hope he didn't come out too far off the mark, but now I'm worried. :O

(Somewhat further back, I also wrote an argument in the General Store. It's a fun place to set occasional scenes. ^_^ Thank you for creating it.)

... oh yes, and I remembered you when the original Board was closing down.

(Now, where do you keep the jam-filled lembas? Aisle four, wasn't it...?)


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