Subject: You'd let me drive a forklift?
Posted on: 2021-10-12 02:34:11 UTC

I mean, I was gonna make Derik make his Space Marine buddy do the heavy lifting for a couple chocolate bars, but hey, if you wanna give me the keys to heavy machinery and chocolate, cool! There's EU stuff with dragons that smell like chocolate and a place called Chocolate Falls. Those couldn't exist if chocolate itself didn't also exist, so pay up!

A kilo of hair is a big ask, but if we start collecting them, who knows? As a personal favor to you, because you've been such a great business partner, I'll sell you every one I can find. It won't be that easy for me. That stuff gets places you don't want to know about. It's the worst. But for you and three units of store credit per hair, I'll make that sacrifice.

(( Careful, Leto. At this rate, she'll have half the store next. ^_~ ))

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