Subject: Alas, I don't know this canon.
Posted on: 2021-10-12 04:40:59 UTC

And from what I've seen, I don't think it's generally well known in this group.

It's fine and even good to write missions for a canon that isn't as big as others, but do bear the knowledge level of your intended audience in mind when you decide what information to include about the setting. It rarely hurts to assume at least some of your potential readers don't know the canon in minute detail, even the more popular ones. That's one reason agent pairs typically vary in their experience and/or interests, so there's always one character who legitimately needs their partner to point things out because they don't know the canon as well, or are focused on different aspects of it.

There are other ways besides dialogue to slip information in, though: a brief character description here and a judicious bit of exposition there, just as though you were writing an original work, can go a long way. Your formless narrator can be helpful here, since they can just straight-up tell the audience anything it would be difficult to work in organically. As with all forms of exposition, I would use this sparingly, but still, it's an extra tool in your toolbox. {= )

My point about the image header is a similar one: it is never a mistake to assume your readers have not read the badfic. Part of the art of mission-writing is to transform the source fic into a mission that stands up as a story on its own. Any context necessary to understand what's happening in your story, such as how a particular device was (mis)used at a particular time, should be included in your story.

TL;DR: In my opinion, the mission would benefit from having at least some of the information from your post worked into it.

And hey, the more interesting you make the canon sound in your missions, and the more you show us why your agents (and you) are passionate about the world and the characters, the greater the chances that someone will decide to learn more about it! ... It won't be me, because I'm not much of a gamer, but it could be someone! The fact that both of your agents are fans is a big asset here. Lean in to the canon love and let us see what you see in it through your writing. {= )


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