Subject: The Grinch is Sandy Claws: A Christmas Conspiracy
Posted on: 2021-12-25 13:15:25 UTC

Two of the most famous Christmas films ever are The Nightmare Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (of which there is only one version, and I will bite you if you argue). But did you know that these two movies are in fact... a series?

Yes, it's true. The mean, grumpy old Grinch is actually one and the same as the "Sandy Claws" kidnapped by Hallowe'en Town. After his change of heart, Whoville became Christmas-town, and the costume he had sewn to imitate the fictional Santa became his own trademark. (Fictional? Of course! The Grinch steals every Who's stocking, but those stockings are clearly empty; if Santa was real, he would have come by after the Grinch's visit and provided at least some presents!)

Want the proof? Of course you want the proof.

Our first views of the town in the two movies. Note the arrangement - a circle of houses around a central tree - and the backdrop of snowy hills leading to mountains. The only difference is that big house with the tower - but that's where Jack first sees Sandy Claws. That's the Grinch's new residence!

The great big electro Whocarnioflux (sp?) is a direct ancestor of the penguin-powered song-wagon on the right. Clearly, given the Grinch's dislike of too much noise, noise, noise, NOISE, the considerate Whos toned things down a bit (though they still love to sing). The various railways in Christmas-town are just more of the same technology.

Their children even sleep the same way! Has any family since the writing of There Were Ten In The Bed actually put all its children side by side in a wide bed? Only in Whoville/Christmas-town! They've got the same little noses and all, and their red hats are clearly to hide their antennae.

Finally, there's the big man himself. I will grant that there are some slight differences between the two renditions, though no more than a few decades out of that drafty old cave can account for. But do you know what they have in common, that sets them apart from every other image of Santa ever?

Neither of them wear trousers.

Case closed. Merry Christmas, I hope the Grinch brought you something nice.


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