Subject: Okay...
Posted on: 2022-01-02 01:59:05 UTC

So here are the problems I have with the fics I mentioned.

The Round Kingdom involves a Villain Sue (kinda) with a power that exists only to be fetish appeal. (She can inflate people with air or water, or fatten them.) There are also some Series Terminology Minis. Also, they describe Hancock fattening up in quite the purple prose, making it a wonder that she can even walk. And at the beginning of the story, there is quite a focus on Robin and Hancock's bust sizes.

And Onara Onara no Mi. Dear sweet Arcoos, it is quite the Bleepfic. Nami unknowingly acquiring a Devil Fruit that gives her weapons-grade farting powers for kinky reasons, and the sound effects used are quite Bleeprin-worthy. Also, as evidenced by the end of the story, Robin mysteriously has a fart fetish, which is quite OOC and might be evidence of an author wraith/character replacement.

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