Subject: Also, the Department of Bad Slash and its Division of Bad Het exist.
Posted on: 2022-01-02 06:37:39 UTC

Bad kinkfic would almost certainly fall under the jurisdiction of one or the other in the absence of overriding WTF elements. I feel I must state that "this fic features X kink" probably doesn't count as WTF in a fic clearly labeled as "X kinkfic," even if the kink's existence comes as a surprise. The handling of it may, but I still reckon it's most likely a matter for the department that specializes in adult-content fic.

A division of Bad Slash that handles bad kinkfic would make sense to me, actually. You would want specialized agents who are familiar with good kinkfic and have a formidable ability to practice tolerance when it comes to premises that are squicky to lots of folks.


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