Subject: Oh, this thing!
Posted on: 2022-01-07 10:11:35 UTC

I remember the first half, but re-skimmed it to get myself back up to date. Still very nostalgic in form. :)

Jacques grinned back at her, eyes bright with mischief. “What if I have a paperwork kink?”

No, Jacques, you're thinking of the Notary. (Wait, that was a Grease song too, wasn't it? [Suspicious look])

“Within two seconds there would be someone from the Monitor popping out of the woodwork to snap photos, and they’d undoubtedly have record sales of the next issue.”

[Agent Starwind slowly moves her camera out of sight]

That was cute! Plus a little ways beyond cute, but also nicely realistic. It's fun to read about believable people.


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