Subject: New Mission! (And it's my Boardiversary!)
Posted on: 2022-05-07 17:03:15 UTC

...AND it's the day after my birthday! Yes, one year ago today I was feeling very nostalgic indeed, and decided to post on the Board again after over a decade's absence. The whole thing went so well I decided to stick around. I don't post very much, but I have become an expert lurker. I see it all

Anyway, here is a new mission: Moira Magpie and the Power of Words! Moira finally gets to leave HQ as Blank's new partner, in order to battle an HP Mary Sue who got herself adopted by Severus Snape... and then immediately delivered to the Malfoy family to raise for most of the year. (No, they had absolutely no say in the matter.)

Thanks to Neshomeh for beta'ing!


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