Subject: I always thought it was the case of "don't use our images commercially?"
Posted on: 2022-07-09 13:44:09 UTC

Not that I'm using it now, of course (I use imgbb, which I believe is built for that purpose), but I remember a site (I don't recall the name of it) that got blacklisted from imgur for using it to store their site's images. Imgur found out, blocked them, and the site had to post about disobeying the TOS and found a seperate aveune to image hosting.

That being said, we should drift away from imgur anyways because doomscrolling it's probably not the best site to host images on anyways? At least, I don't think?

Also, I have read. No thoughts on the mission's content currently, but the different fonts and font sizes were a bit confusing to me? You know, in the beginning. I couldn't quite read what was contained in them, and my eyes kept drifting to the big text in a seperate font, distracting me from the mission. Is there a more readable version? I might be the only one with this issue, but I figured it's worth noting.

-kA, still waking up.

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