Subject: So… more minis, anyone?
Posted on: 2022-07-10 05:04:15 UTC

These minis weren't found in fics. They were found off the 'net, most of which were from erroneous renderings by websites. A few of these are mistakes I made myself

Characters and Families

Minis of last names take the mini forms of the characters bearing them. Cases of families with more than one recurring character (i.e. Leech family) will be specified otherwise.

Ashengrotto, Azul

  • Ashengrot (adopted)

Bucchi, Ruggie

  • Buggie

Felmier, Epel

  • Epée
  • eperFermier
  • eppel

Hunt, Rook

  • luk
  • luke

Leech family

Minis of this category appear as very ugly blue moray eels

  • Leach

Schoenheit, Vil

Spelling "Schönheit" is accepted

  • Ville

Vanrouge, Lilia

  • VanRouge


Misspelling the name of a dorm leads to a mini of its leader. Misspelling the name of a school leads to a mini of its headmaster

Heartslabyul Dorm

  • Jearts

Pomefiore Dorm

  • pomfiore

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