Subject: re: mission part 1
Posted on: 2022-07-12 12:52:02 UTC

I'm glad Momoka gets a break! And it shows how critical she is to this team's overall function. At least this way, it's giving Inasuke a bit more narrative focus than usual, since he's usually drowned out by the two more outspoken men. He's pretty picky about canons, isn't he? There are plenty of Disney creations that are more mainstream for him to consume, but he seems annoyed that Twisted Wonderland even exists! And as Kaguya says, it's just as valid to exist as a canon as anything else. That's definitely a weakness on Inasuke's part, in terms of doing the PPC duty, but it also gives you lots more opportunity to torment the poor boy!

—doctorlit would mostly just play to fight the Disney villain Overblots, not that he has time to play it

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