Subject: PLUG: "From the Casefiles of Daphne Illian-Sims, Diminutive Detective"
Posted on: 2022-11-18 20:16:49 UTC

Sometimes, when even the lightest Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple story is A Bit Too Much, all you need is incredibly low-stakes tales about kids solving mysteries. Well, good news!

From the Casefiles of Daphne Illian-Sims, Diminutive Detective: The Case of the Stolen Snacks

We got kids (they're half-elven, but they're still kids). We got mysteries. And the stakes could not possibly be lower. Enjoy!

(I've also added the story that moved the Illian-Sims family to New Cal to AO3: The Road to New Caledonia. If you want to know what their house looks like, that's where the picture is.)


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