Subject: What're we writing?
Posted on: 2022-11-22 02:07:57 UTC

Since I'm pretty sure there's folks doing NaNoWriMo, and since, aside from that, we're a writing group, I figured I'd ask: what's the Board up to words-wise?

For my part, not much, or at least not with any speed. My Young Wizards/Animorphs crossover is happening, slowly. I've also started up a Finance story tho give Farah, Aulhar, and Kkukttak an excuse to hang out on the same page in canon-canon, which will probably get written on-and-off-and-off-and-off-and-on again for a good while, but I at least have a plan for how it goes. Mostly.

My most substantial completed writing project recently is actually rewriting a section of the technical manual for some of the GPUs my employer sells, because the person who was supposed to explain what the fancy "make my math go ultra-fast using the special math-go-brrr circuits on these models" instructions actually did, to the annoyance of many people both in and out of the company. I have the suspicious feeling that I'll end up taking December to do that again, because, once again, I don't think the person who did the first draft actually understood what "documenting an instruction" actually meant.

But anyway, my ranting about work aside ... what's bouncing y'all's hard drives? Or Google Docs? Or notebooks?

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