Subject: Different things!
Posted on: 2022-11-22 18:35:38 UTC

I am not doing 50 000 words on one project, but I am currently on track for producing over 25 000 words in at least two different projects. One (new mission) is finished and in beta. The second project is my bestie's Christmas present. We tend to give each other prompts and a lot of freedom, either with fanfic or something original. Her prompts this year were very gothic and spooky, so that's the vibe currently. I am approaching 5K words there, but a thousand or so of them is synopsis and like... planning it out. (We are also writing a novel together and I've been keen on continuing that lately, so Adorable Werewolf YA Thing is a third project that's dancing through my head.)

If people are on the NaNo website, I am very open to being buddies! I am Ekwy there too, come find me if you want.

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