Subject: I slipped from the clutches of NaNo again, but...
Posted on: 2022-11-30 16:07:14 UTC

...I'm very glad to report that after three solid months of writer's block, I'm back to typing away again!

More specifically, I'm working on my poetry, and I plan on submitting to a few publications if/when my editor friend says I've advanced enough. As of right now, she said I need more practice but I definitely have some promise, which is a big relief after a lot of not-so-positive feedback from other professionals. I've only been writing poetry for a little over a year, longer in my native language, and my early stuff in English was awful (that's not self-deprecating, my imagery was okay if a bit cliche, but I had zero grasp on rhythm, rhyme and very little on syntax), but I feel like some of my more recent stuff is getting smoother. It's obviously still a long way to go for me, but I take joy in my writing and in looking for inspiration, and I feel like I'm starting to find the tricky balance of expressing myself more freely while keeping safe (for context, I'm not out as a they/them person to most people IRL, which makes writing on the topic a bit of a challenge sometimes). If I ever manage to publish anything meaningful, I'll be sure to let some of you PPC folk know. :)

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