Subject: Seconding this.
Posted on: 2022-11-23 22:44:06 UTC

By what I understood of Ki's position, if I applied the same reasoning to me I (31yo male) shouldn't follow Carcaptor Sakura anymore because ew, a grown up male reading a story about a 13 years old magical girl is creepy!

I don't give a crap - especially since the values expressed in CCS actually should warrant a read by pretty much anyone. That series taught me a lot when I was a kid, and is still teaching me now. The only way I would see this actually being a problem was if I were to actually develop some kind of obsession over oneof the characters, especially the underage ones, but even then just moving away from the relevant piece of media should suffice, not a blanket ban on everything

That would entail living a very sad and unfun life.

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