Subject: A brand new mission! (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Posted on: 2023-01-09 13:46:51 UTC

Been a lot of story links on the Board recently, huh? Well, here's one more! =D

Technically this is a twofer, since it begins in media res in an HP mission. Bonus!

Matchmaker (Ao3)
In which a former bird goes on a mission, a pairing is made extremely prematurely, and someone gets punched in the face.

The main fandom is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which definitely had a decent chunk of Sues back in the day. Despite its popularity it has relatively few missions. But now it has one more! I hope that I've added enough explanations and such so that people not familiar with the universe can still follow along with the mission.

I am kind of curious of how many on the Board are familiar with it... I might want to write more Buffyverse missions. It has so, so many weapons

Anyway, enjoy! Thanks to Neshomeh for beta'ing.


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