Subject: Glad you liked it!
Posted on: 2023-01-13 13:27:04 UTC

Not gonna lie, Nesh has been the victim of a lot of my idea bouncing when it came to Buddy's transformation over Discord. XD She was absolutely vital in that process and I am not surprised at all that some aspects of her work made it into mine. Those morphological fields are in dire need of stabilising. Can't have unstabilised morphological fields!

Buddy would love some shinies, pls. He would keep them in a pile and just... look at them. They're so good. And so shiny. I think he would maintain human form, but he would also be more inclined to pick through his shinies with his teeth and stay really really close to his pile, and definitely keep it in an order that only seems to make sense to him. Like... part crow, part dragon and also part bower bird. David Attenborough might come by his pile and disturb something on purpose, just so there will be shots of a deeply affronted Buddy putting it back in order.

Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed!


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